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Below You can  see selection of works that gives me joy and smile. Recently I do enjoy watercolor medium. Prior to watercolor , for many years , I did focus on drawing form , still life, human anatomy, landscape, perspective. I still practice it !

Hopefully you enjoy pictures below, and see you soon in life drawing class !

Painting this one was different than any of my earlier paintings. I painted it with relatively small effort. I had so much relaxed painting process . Reason for that could be I was painting for several consecutive days at that time .  Took me about 2 hours I would say 

howth may1 .png

56 x 76 cm-  I was tired of the small sizes and Afraid of the big one . Somehow  this time I conquered the Full Sheet .  Painted it in beautiful sunny days in Howth. 

howth2023 june 22.png

1 session 2 hours -  this one  was only warm up on low quality paper it turns out  into something I like.  Painted it in beautiful sunny Spring days 2023 in Howth. 

Once upon a time ... ,

for one Lovely Girl... .

stoney 1 2.png

3 sessions total 10 hours.  This one I painted in beautiful sunny days in Manor Street It was known as  Kings Track back in the days. I like the perspective how it's turned out.

citus 5mb.jpg

10 session, total 30 hours -  this one piece was for  someone who wanted the CITIUS fences to be  important subject of the painting . Idea was initially against what I knew ART IS. Against my perception of art . For me it was BIG NO , to think about some road works fences to be vital part of drawing =  )

She was the owner of the CITIUS business .

landscape in clontarf

1 session 3 hours - sometimes  when Im fed up with reality I would go fantasy in my favourite Clontarf spot. Above and below pictures.

imagination clontarf

Repetitive  drawing in the same spot pushed me

to  add on here and there some abstractive shapes.

lower candem street  . life drawing
dublin drawing

Picture above and below is one bigger piece drawing . I did some experiment with the camera to observe the perspective for my future works 

dublin drawing

I had alot of fun "killing the character ". = ) 

This one was waiting a bit for color . I was afraid that I will destroy the drawing coz I was new to the watercolor at that time.

clontarf watercolor

1 session 3 hours -  painted at home experimenting with the background colors .

3 Howth Yaht Club nikon.png

1 session 4 hours - painted plein air  , near Howth Yaht Club

1 session, 3 hours - Painting done 2021 summer  on Lower Candem Street

1 session. I did preliminary drawing

to this one.

I would call this painting - " Happy Accident"

life drawing  landscape watercolor
still life art

Multiple sessions . I did paint this in Olis for about a month 3 hours a day for 20  - 30 days 

This one was 2 or 3 sessions drawing and 1 or 2  painting in sunny day in the city. I remember the footpath was so narrow that I was in the way of people . Welcome in narrow footpaths of Dublin = )

3d. figurative sculpting

Multiple sessions, 100's of hours - 
clicking with the mouse if U like it  .  

life drawing art

 3  sessions, 2 hours each- from life on my holidays . This building was a school of my granny survived the II WW in Poland . Now the building is listed on National Heritage Treasure. Its wood smells beautiful and its still hard as rock   

reference for life drawing
portrait drawing

BiC pen

portrait art

BiC pen

oil painting

 8 session . Oil.

character design

1 session 3 hours .    Dublin Zoo drawing  Red Panda was the subject.  

life drawing

Saturdays Life Drawing session . 10 years on weekends  = ) 

Great Time Donal !! THANK YOU = ) 

figure drawing
background design

Layout for BCFE arround 2017

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