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Life Drawing Classes


wat 21 7 27.PNG

    I had enough of repetitiveness in my works  I   randomised them just for fun . Also feel of the wind is interesting here. 2 s  4 h


I had alot of fun "killing the character ". = ) 

This one was waiting quite a bit for the colouring day. I was a bit worry  that will destroy the drawing .

quick poses

Home warm ups 

life drawing

Life Drawing Class with Donal Murray , around 2010

oil painting
male model

Home warm ups

character design
anatomy class
figure drawing
tall drawing
art paper
freehand drawing

Clash of the Titans  = ) 

rough paper
hard surface drawing
watercolor scene

Where  ?

art class
art architecture

St Anthony' House, St. Anthony’s Church Grounds, St. Lawrence Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3

dublin artist

9Q7M+F5 Dublin 3


- Tutor-

Professional artist 

+BA (hons) Visual Media and Animation.

A range of exercises will enable You in the observational drawing .

The classes are varied and look at drawing techniques.


Sundays  :

10am - 1pm and 5pm-8pm 25€ per session

 Drawing Tools of your choice.



Contact Me

  “You don't take a photograph, you make it” – Ansel Adams.

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